Monday, September 8, 2008

A Gathering of Innovators

The relationship between Finance and IT is often described as disconnected or in opposition. And, why not? These two teams have different priorities, different audiences and different tools. They even speak different languages - profitability, margins, forecasts vs. maintainability, security, performance.

Yet their corporate goals are often identical. One approaches from a business value perspective, while the other from a technical implementation and maintenance perspective. They are often dependant upon each other for their combined project success, and in many organizations, they often work under the same umbrella of the CFO. As the corporate focus shifts from organizational differentiation, the barriers between IT and business groups can be overcome by their common goals.

I expect to see increasing interest and awareness in the value of creating true business and technology partnerships as companies explore ways to increase profits, streamline operations, and explore avenues for innovation within their organizations. This week's CFO Technology Summit in San Francisco brings together executives from around the country to focus on how they can take control of their IT investments. The summit also includes some of the industry's great innovators and thought leaders, such as Faisal Hoque , Founder and CEO of Business Technology Management (BTM) Corporation , who will be exploring the issues and opportunities that arise with the convergence of business and technology. As Mr. Hoque said in a recent CIO Insight podcast interview:

"We have begun to focus on information versus the technology… We are reaching a converge state where there is no difference between business and technology… The information is driving knowledge and knowledge drives innovation."

This blog is dedicated to financial system innovators, and this week we salute those visionaries at companies large and small who are coming together in San Francisco to explore possibilities for innovation within their organizations.

- Trevor Hughes

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